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    • South of Guangming Rd, Anyang, Henan
      China, 455000
    • (86) 13803722027

    Product Details

    Certified Company ISO 9001-2008

    Product Description

    RARLONG designs and produces heavy-duty multi-piece wheels for both surface and underground mining vehicles such as quarry haul trucks, mining trucks, heavy wheel loaders, heavy wheel dozers, mining dump-trucks and other special purpose wheeled vehicles of the mining industry.

    RARLONG high quality Mining Wheels,Mining OTR Wheel Rims,OTR Wheel Rims manufacturer,more than 25 years R&D and production experience,provide all kinds of high cost-effective products for you.

    Parameter for Mining Wheel

    NO. Tyre size Rim size Structure
    1 14.00-20 20-10.00/2.0-3PC 3-piece tube type
    2 14.00-24 24-10.00/1.7-3PC 3-piece tube type
    3 13.00-25 25-8.50/1.5-3PC 3-piece tube type
    4 13.00-25 25-8.50/1.5TL-3PC 3-piece tubeless
    5 14.00-25 25-10.00/2.0-3PC 3-piece tube type
    6 14.00-25 25-10.00/1.5-3PC 3-piece tubeless
    7 14.00-25 25-10.00/1.5-5PC 5-piece tubeless
    8 14.00-25 25-10.00/2.0TL-3PC 3-piece tubeless
    9 16.00-25 25-11.25/2.0TL-3PC 3-piece tube type
    10 16.00-25 25-11.25/2.0TL-5PC 5-piece tubeless
    11 18.00-25 25-13.00/2.0-5PC 5-piece tubeless
    12 21.00-35 35-15.00/3.5TL-5PC 5-piece tubeless
    13 27.00-49 49-19.50/4.0TL-5PC 5-piece tubeless
    14 36.00-51 51-26.00/5.0TL-5PC 5-piece tubeless
    15 60/85-57 57-47.00/5.0TL-5PC 5-piece tubeless
    16 41.00-63 63-41.00/5.0TL-5PC 5-piece tubeless

    Choose Your Color
    You can easily change and switch the colors.
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