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    • South of Guangming Rd, Anyang, Henan
      China, 455000
    • (86) 13803722027


    Certified Company ISO 9001-2008

    What we can do

    Comprehensive Industrial Chain And Professional Manufacturer For Off-road Construction Machinery Wheel Rims.

    Our Company

    Every year, more than 100 special customized wheel profile steels are developed to suit our clients’ needs. Now we have 5 rolling mills, is the leader of wheel rim profile steel, annual wheel profile steel output is 200,000 tons.
    We have four sub-factories, two factories in Anyang; two factories in Jiaxing and Jiaozuo; one provincial technical center that can do physical and chemical checking.

    Manufacturing & Supplying

    • OEM/DEM Customized for Steel Wheel
      8 inch to 63 inch different series steel wheel rim for Engineering and construction machinery.
    • Steel Wheel Components
      Rarlong Machinery can supply demountable easy change rim assembly components flange, side flange, lock ring, gutter, bead seat band, back section etc.
    • Forklift Wheel and Parts
      Forklift wheel rim products include 8 inch to 24 inch split type, 2-pc, 3-pc and multi-piece for forklift, port machinery and supporting equipment etc.
    • Solid Tyre Wheel or Disc Wheel
      For disc wheel we are manufacturing from diameter 200mm-1530mm,thickness 8mm-40mm,width 800mm,more than 56 sizes.
    Choose Your Color
    You can easily change and switch the colors.
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